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Posted date: 04/03/2017 | Category: Blog

Hello, everyone! I’m Noriyuki (@nori_broccoli)

I’m a researcher in knowledge engineering. You can see my CV in About us. Here, I will talk about my research.


I’m interested in word association, Kaomoji, emotion extraction, sentiment analysis, and so on. My main research field is to construct a large-scale Concept-base using the technique of natural language processing automatically. Recently, we can make a word-vector space easily using Word2Vec presented by Mikolovc. So static knowledge-base such as our concept-base are maybe needless. But for example, in the case of conversation system, how can we express the personality of the system? This is one of the reason why “static” knowledge-base such as our concept-base is necessary to express system’s personality (e.g. like an actor, a software engineer, a teacher, and so on.)


I’m also interested in Kaomoji. Kaomoji is a Japanese emoticon like (^^), (´▽`), ((((;゜Д゜))))))), etc. Kaomoji has a lot of information such as emotion, gesture, situation, and so on. We found over a hundred thousands of Kaomoji in the internet. We are now constructing a large-scale knowledge-base of Kaomoji that have various Kaomoji’s features such as eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and so on. Forty thousands of Kaomoji are annotated in present. If you have any interests in Kaomoji, please tell me with a light heart!

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